Samsung Galaxy S9 Price, Release Date and Specs

Samsung Galaxy S9 Price, Release Date, Specs, Features The popularity of Samsung smartphone can be judged by the fact that we are still to get our hands on Samsung Galaxy S8, whole world is buzzed with rumors about its next flagship smartphone, i.e. Samsung Galaxy S9. Though the rumors indicate we will not see Galaxy […]

iPhone 9 Release date, Price, Specs, Feature

iPhone 9 Release date, Price, Specs, Feature This is surprising that iPhone 8 released few months back and people have started to discuss iPhone 9 release date, how much it will cost, what all specifications and features it will have. I was searching for the some stuff on the internet and found one of the […]

OnePlus 4 skipped: OnePlus 5 Release date, Specs, Price and the rumors

The current flagship smartphone OnePlus 3T is a huge success for just few year old company and it seems be surprising whole world with the release of OnePlus 5 with most powerful specifications and features. According to latest rumors, OnePlus 5 release date can be someday in June/July and can be priced between range of […]

iPhone 7 to drop aluminum body and get all-glass body

Crass and cross, there has been many rumors in and around the iPhone 7 across the whole globe. As the days progress, there has been a lot of buzz around the iPhone 7 to drop aluminum body and get all-glass body according to 9to5mac. Well, this has been a new trend for every band holders […]

The iPhone 7 will be waterproof

The new rumors suggest that the iPhone 7 will be waterproof. Today when the competitors like Sony, Samsung  and other rivals already have their flagship smartphones launched in the market, Apple can’t afford to not having new iPhone waterproofed. The tech giant needs to implement this technology to the new iPhone to stay competitive. The […]

Should I buy iPhone 6S or wait for iPhone 7 (and iPhone 7Plus)?

The Cuppertino based tech giant just announced S moniker of iPhone 6 and the rumors about the release of iPhone 7 have already started to circulate at almost every tech and news blogs. While some people are standing in ques to buy iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, some others have planned to skip upgrading to […]

Will it be iPhone 7 OR iPhone 6S OR iPhone 6S Plus?

This question remains unanswered whether the new generation iPhone will be called all new iPhone 7 changing the number from 6 to 7 or it will be joining its “6” series siblings and be named as iPhone 6S. It has been noticed that the Cupertino based tech giant releases its “S” model of same generation […]