iPhone 7 may feature Facial Recognition instead of Touch-ID

iPhone 7 may feature Facial Recognition instead of Touch-ID
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People are waiting around the world for the launch of iPhone 7, whose arrival will feature an expected Sapphire glass and most probably a 21-Mega Pixel DSLR camera. As if the added specifications weren’t just enough to tempt you to switch to iPhone, here’s another one for you. iPhone 7 may feature a Facial Recognition instead of touch-ID. The mega-star of 2015 is expected to make debut in September or October prior to festive season.

Apple’s capitalization on the face-detection patents

It was not a long back when a patent had been filed by Apple in 2013 concerning personal computing device control using face detection and recognition and now Apple seems all set to exercise its rights by introducing the same in the much anticipated device of theirs in the much awaited iPhone 7.
This technology would certainly help Apple to leapfrog Android in terms of face detection and recognition function as it will offer users to unimaginably control the phone through varying facial expressions once they have unlocked their device. Also See: The iPhone 7 will be waterproof

How successful has been the face-detection feature?

Apple uses a touch-ID until now but now they are all set to welcome the face-detection feature which is undergoing test, where it has been successful in about 95% of the times in identifying its owner through correct detection of varying facial expressions. Apple has a tendency to look back in the past and generate old-revamp concept in an unimaginative and innovative way, which has been the main reason behind their stand-out performance in the tech industry year-in and year-out. Also See: iPhone 7 concept design

iphone 7 face recognition


Apple’s concern for better security

With the introduction of the face detection feature, Apple seems to be laying down the emphasis on better security benefits than it already provides. As it is being expected, an IPhone user can answer a call just by looking at his/her phone, something which has never been seen or heard about. And this astounding feature is expected to be released this September.

The features and anticipated changes that Apple is to introduce in the iPhone 7 are already jaw-dropping. The latter is also said to introducing a new charger as well as it is said to provide the projector feature which it has reinvigorated Apple.

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When perfection meets glamour

The most appreciable feature which would come through the face detection feature is that, for the security lovers even after unlocking the phone through detection, they would only be able to see certain content such as photos and texts until they wish to see what they want on their display. This feature simply adds iPhone 7 with perfection and glamour, only to keep it on top of the list.

Apple is indeed planning to take the world with the storm with the suggestive rumors slowly proving out to be reality. The already tech-powerhouse is all set to write its name in stars for the next couple of years at least. The fierce competition between Apple and the other tech-supremes will benefit the users in various ways, starting off with a complete transformed experience in terms of operating a gadget.

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