iPhone 7S Plus- Price, Release Date, Specs, Features and rumors

iPhone 7S Plus- Price, Release Date, Specs, Features and rumors

The rumors about upcoming iPhone 7S  Plus release date, price, specs, features and other things have started to build up and they suggest that Apple this year in September going to announce iPhone 7S Plus along with other siblings iPhone 7S and iPhone 8 (probably iPhone 8 Plus too).  This article brings all the latest news, rumors and everything else we know about upcoming iPhone 7S Plus at a single place.

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The company Apple seems to be doing away from its iPhone launch pattern and this year, we may three have (may be four) different models that have never happened in the history before. So this year is going to be a special year in the history when company will announce iPhone 7S, iPhone 7S Plus and widely rumored iPhone 8 (may be iPhone 8 Plus as well).

In this article, I’ll be mainly talk about only iPhone 7S Plus as you can find separate article about each of these iPhone being released on this blog. Just go through those articles.iphone 7S Plus

Release date of iPhone 7S Plus

It has become almost fixed that Apple is going to release iPhone 7S Plus this year in September though there is no official announcement about the same. We are anticipating the release date of iPhone 7S Plus in the second week of September, September 9, 2017 to be specific.

Why we almost sure about this release date because, we have closely watched the release pattern of old iPhone and found, the company loves to announce new iPhone in the month of September only. Though the date I’ve claimed above could be before and after September 9.

The September release pattern is a best time to release iPhone because of several reasons, one would be the company by September held a few major event for the announcement of processor (chipset) and the latest operating system.

The second reason is, the company always want to capitalise on the festival season sales (Christmas & New Year) which accounts for almost one forth of total number of unit sold during this festive season.

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iPhone 7S Plus Features and Specification

The “S” most is said to be mere upgrade of its previously released iPhone but this year, we may see some eye catching upgrades that have never seen before.

Display – The iPhone 7S might get 5.5-inch edge-to-edge OLED display that company have ordered from the supplier Samsung. However the rumors also suggest the company saving OLED display only for iPhone 8 (or iPhone X) because the cost of using OLED screen is higher than the one company have been using currently.

If the rumors are true, we will again see iPhone 7S plus lacking OLED Screen and have same Capacitive touchscreen like its predecessor. In that case, there will be no change in terms of iPhone display. The size of iPhone 7S will again going to stay same as its predecessor yet bigger than most anticipated iPhone 8 !

The iPhone 7S plus will have 1080 x 1920 screen resolution and 440 pixel density that will make pictures appear clearer than ever.

iPhone 7S Camera-

As far as the camera is concern, the company amazed whole world with incorporation of dual lens in iPhone 7 Plus camera. The same thing (dual lens) is being followed by all other companies now. If rumors are to be taken seriously, the iPhone 7S Plus will again feature dual lens camera in iPhone 7S Plus along with additional feature upgrades.

The dual lens camera of iPhone 7S Plus might get 4x optical zoom as compared to predecessor iPhone 7 Plus which sports only 2x optical zoom. The other normal feature like face detection, optical image stabilization, flash, geo tagging will be included in iPhone 7S Plus camera.

As far as the megapixels of iPhone 7S plus is concern, we can see it sporting 16 megapixel primary camera and 12 megapixels self shooter. The dual lens camera’s 4x optical zoom feature will  help you click clearer photographs of the objects far from you, 2x time better than iPhone 7 Plus.


The iPhone 7S Plus might get 3 GB or 4GB RAM and come in 32 GB, 128 GB and 128 GB. However the rumors suggest that there will be no 32 GB model and the base model will start from 64 GB only.


This is the component that the company may play with. The rumors point that iPhone 7S Plus will feature faster processor than its predecessor coupled with A11 chipset that the company will get announced well before. The A11 chipset will be much faster tha A10 fusion which has been used in previous generation iPhone.

The performance of this chipset could be enhanced by the software and arrangements made in motherboard. In all we will see a better performing iPhone 7S Plus than iPhone 7 Plus.

Operating System- 

The company most probably will announce iOS 11 in June event and if happens, we will see iPhone 7S plus running the iOS 11. iOS is one of the most advanced operating system which doesn’t get hacked or have problems that other OS normally get.

The other two siblings iPhone 7S and iPhone 8S (and iPhone 8 Plus) might run the same version of iOS that will improve the performance of the iPhone.


There could be major upgrade in iPhone 7S Plus battery as we noticed in iPhone 7 Plus over iPhone 7 last year. Our analysis says that iPhone 7S Plus might get as 3,000 mAh battery, major upgrade from iPhone 7 Plus. However the rumors tell something else which reveal iPhone 7S Plus might get same battery as last year’s iPhone 7 Plus ! It will be a non-removable Li-ion battery.

Other features 

The other feature upgrades that iPhone 7S plus could come up with is wireless charging, IP 68 rated water proofing, Smart connection, IRIS scanner, Facial recognition  etc.

iPhone 7S Plus Price

The price of iPhone 7S Plus with all these feature should be little higher but it is not. Hold your breath, the rumors suggest 32 GB iPhone 7S Plus model will cost $769, 128 GB model for additional 100 bucks, i.e. $869 and the top 256 GB model will require you to pay $969 in the united states.

The other countries such as Australia, United Kingdom customers can get 32 GB, 128 GB & 256 GB model for 1229 AUD & 719 Pounds, 1419 AUD & 819 Pounds and 1569 AUD & 919 pounds respectively.

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iPhone 7S Plus- Price, Release Date, Specs, Features and rumors
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