iPhone 7S release date, Specs, Price, Features and other updates

iPhone 7S release date, Specs, Price, Features and other updates
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Just as the year is grossing over to be another exceptional for the American Brand Apple, the internet world is buzzing around for more from them. From the success of the iPhone Series, everyone expects a lot from Apple. Yes! With the launch of the Apple iPhone 7, it is now the time to get-set-go for the upcoming iPhone 7S. The rumors suggests that iPhone 7S release date 2017 should be someday of second week of September!

Just as the inauguration news of the 7S spreads out, the iPhone 7S is shaping up to be just the best one as it could get and there already are some rumors that the majestic gizmo will be launched later in September this year.

The “S” series models from iPhone have always been something greater to look for, and with the upcoming launch of the iPhone 7S, it is just thought to be exceptional.

No, it is not just a news of the few days back but the iPhone 7S rumors has been beefing over the world for almost two years, and with the strong success of the 6S version, the Apple have been going just one step advanced than previous versions.

There seems to be lot of debate going on the internet whether the upcoming iPhone will be iPhone 7S or the iPhone 8. Some major tech blogs such as PCadvisor UK believe that it will be iPhone 8 some other renowned tech blogs talk about it being iPhone 7S ! Few others like BGR anticipate there will be three iPhone; iPhone 7S, iPhone 7S Plus and iPhone 8 !

With the launch of the iPhone 7S the Apple manufacturers are expecting to give out a stiff competition to all the arch rivals Samsung and also LG. However just as the market reports come out, the demand for the new version of the iPhone is just getting to be stronger and stronger as the day’s progress

iphone 7S release dateiPhone 7S Release Date

Just as the buzz gets stronger and the year end up shortly, more are the people are being keen to know about the iPhone 7S Release Date USA, UK, Aus, Canada and Worldwide.

Though nothing has been said to be official, some internal sources have come out and stated that the release date for the 7S will just be in September 2017, 7th September to be specific !

Why do I believe its iPhone 7S & iPhone 7S Plus is because there has been a pattern that company follow for release of new iPhone each year. Take a look at the release date of various iPhone since first iPhone.

iPhone Model Release Date
iPhone June 2007
iPhone 3G June 2008
iPhone 3G s June 2009
iPhone 4 June 10
iPhone 4S October 2011
iPhone 5 September 2012
iPhone 5S & 5C September 2013
iPhone 6 & 6 Plus September 2014
iPhone 6S & 6S Plus September 2015
iPhone 7 & 7 Plus September 2016
iPhone 7S & 7S Plus September 2017 (expected)

Thus Apple is likely going to stick with the Superb September and just as a trend could come up with iPhone 7S is in the middle of September.

However the clash with the Galaxy Note 8 will definitely be insisting to check the launch of the Apple’s framed series. Well, a lot of people have already shown up a deep interest in the launch of the iPhone 7S.

Many other rumors and leaks have come up. This time because more of the digital world, Apple is just going to likely hold up apps such as Apple Pay or even others to create a secure payment mode for all the users to avail any services.

However, apart from the integrated sole, there are a lot of more things which left out everyone curious to be known. Apart from all these figures, Apple is separately idealizing for the 3rd party software and the sources to build up the iOS to control a fair share and give a stipulation in the market.

The iPhone 7S Specifications

Yet again, though nothing has been official yet, there are excellent sources and experiences from the previous versions which has led out to a probably version of the iPhone 7S specifications.

We have created out a detailed outline which will figure out the best sources possible in order to grab the best combination of the standard:


The battery specification of the iPhone 7S is just expected to be with 3300mAh with a super fast charging facility. Also the battery is non-removable and it has a great longitivity. The standby mode is useful which will ensure that the 7S gets a long backup time.


According to the iPhone 7S speculation, the camera of the iPhone 7S is to be upgraded with a 16.0 Megapixel from the Primary camera and the secondary camera is expected to have a resolution of 8.0 Megapixels giving you a better image resolution.

One of the best things that need to be done is just the particular colours as well as the camera auto sensing focus. This is indeed a key strategy and will always be something great. Apart from this, it also has geo tagging as well as facial recognition.


The internal memory of the 7S will start up from 32 GB. However, apart from this, the iPhone 7S will have three other variants of internal storage with 64 GB, 128 GB and also 256 GB.

There are upto four different colour combinations available with the 7S such as white, gold, and black and grey. Currently, it is expected to be developed with the Octa-core A11 processor and also with a 3GB RAM.

Overall, the specification of the Storage is expected to be quite overcoming and as a result of this, it is just assembled to be much needier.

As far as iPhone 7S colors are concern, there could be same colors as we saw last year – Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Black, Jet Black. The iPhone 7S red limited edition (Product RED) could be announced a few weeks later just like before.

The iPhone 7S Features

There are many key features which the iPhone 7S has been integrated with, and it is almost one of the best things that you can have. Well, the features such as Apple Pay and the Apple store as well as the Apple Watch are all quite helpful for the different stages.

So if you are willing to grab the best reasons to enjoy, the 7S is something that you cannot get out. The Apple has specific branded programs which will sense technology which will have iOS11 operating systems installed.

Also apart from this, it has premiere operating systems that will have such an amazing graphic as well as many other security options.

Wireless charging

If the rumors turn out to be true, the new iPhone will be able to get charged wirelessly. Means you will never run short of battery even if you use it whole day. You will be able to keep charging while you using it.

The iPhone 7S Price

One of the major news that has been coming out is that the price of the iPhone 7S is just to be drawn on the touch mark of $850 which is indeed for the conceptual.

Though there has been no change kept in the touch price mark, it is still expected to get on the different basis for the different countries.

Also for USA consumers, the iPhone 7S price is just going to stick around $ 850 however for the Asian market the price might slightly increase a little bit.

However all these prices, specifications and features is just an assumption and there have been no official confirmation yet. Keep in touch to know more about iPhone 7S Release Date, Price, Specs, and Features!

Update 1 (Aug 7, 2017): iPhone 7S leaked image shows wireless charging feature

According to the latest rumors at BGR – on of the biggest tech news website, the iPhone 7S leaked image shows the glass back panel. It also reveals that iPhone 7S will have wireless less charging feature. While there has been rumors about iPhone 8 leaks everywhere, BGR seems to have got leaked image (via leaker Sonny Dickson) of iPhone that shows glass body and wireless charging feature.

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