iPhone 8 could be the first dual sim iPhone

iPhone 8 could be the first dual sim iPhone
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This could be a good new for many people however some other may find it not much exciting that new iPhone 8 which is scheduled to be released in the month of September could be the the first dual sim iPhone in the history.

For me, I’d prefer this option because I’ve two different number, one for my personal use and other one is specially for the business. If the iPhone 8 dual sim feature turns out be true, I’ll be happy.

It makes sense in my view for the company to atleast test dual sim facility with a model and extend it to different models if it gets appreciation from the customers. Almost all the rivals such Samsung, HTC, Huawei, Moto, Xiaomi always considering dual sim flagship smartphone and its high time for the company to think about it as well.

iPhone 8 rumorsAccording to Forbes, Principal architect, Li Su filed patent with China State Intellectual Property office where the dual sim feature is mentioned. The company might use this feature with iPhone 8 that will help the customer to use two numbers with iPhone 8.

It will be big relief for the businessmen who always need to keep two different numbers for different purposes. However, Apple company is known for the quality and it wouldn’t want to compromise with the voice clarity by offering dual sim option because in some cases it was found that dual sim phone don’t have better call quality.

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iPhone 8 is going to release in September 2017 along with two different models iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus giving customer choice to chose the one which best suit their requirement and pocket.

The iPhone 8 will come with several other great features such as wireless charging, better battery life, OLED edge-edge Screen etc.

Moreover if we talk about the price of iPhone 8, the rumors suggest that it may cross $1000 mark that will put iPhone 8 under the same price tag as some of Macbook models.

The dual sim feature would certainly make the iPhone 8 little bulky if the rumors turn out be true and to address this concern, the company may use eSIM facility that stands for embedded SIM. eSIM will help the company to not do away from its sleek design which is one of USP of iPhone.

The other notable feature that iPhone 8 may come up with are Water resistant feature that will save your new iPhone from water for much longer time than its predecessor. It is being expected that iPhone 8 will be water resistant to IP 68 rating and save iPhone 8 for 30 mins if submerged under 1 meter water.

The latest rumors, reveal that iPhone 8 may ditch lightening connector and use USB- C port instead. Whether the customer will like this move or no, we will get to know when iPhone 8 get released in September. Talking about the operating system, iPhone 8 will work latest version, iOS 11 that company may announce well before release of iPhone 8. 

On the internal storage capacity, is is being said iPhone 8 will come in two variants of 64GB and 256GB only skipping 32 GB variant. It could be one of the reason why the iPhone 8 may cross $1000 price mark.