iPhone 8 (iPhone X or iPhone 8 Edition) release date delayed to Oct/Nov?

There is lots of confusion whether the new iPhone will be iPhone 8 or iPhone X or even iPhone edition but whatever it will be called, there seems to be delay in launch of new iPhone that was said to be scheduled for September release just like previous models. The iPhone 8 (or iPhone X or iPhone edition) might get delayed for October/ November release if the rumors are to be believed.

According to news at KnowyourMobile, the iPhone 8 release date can be sometime in October or even November this year moving away from traditional September release cycle of every new iPhone that Apple has followed since last few models.

If we take a look at the release of iPhone 7 & Plus, iPhone 6s & 6s Plus, iPhone 6 & 6 Plus, all these iPhone were released during September and hence it was being predicted that new iPhone 8 (or iPhone X) shall be released during the same month as well.

But the rumors are saying something else and we might have to wait till October/ November to get our hands on iPhone 8. In my views, if the company delays iPhone 8 release date to October/ November, they might not be able to take advantage of year’s most precious time – Festive season.

It is already said that whenever iPhone 8 will be announced, there will be not much units of this stunning smartphone available for everyone and many who want to buy iPhone 8 might have to wait for some more time even after release.

If that is that case and if the release date of iPhone 8 itself delayed till October/ November, then the customer might not get it during festive season which is not a good thing for the company.

It has been noticed that the company sells major chunk of iPhone during Christmas and New year festive season and with this delay it might miss this opportunity.

The major cause of delay of iPhone 8 release is said to be OLED display and 3D sensor technology. The company has given order for several million OLED displays for new iPhone but the order seems to be getting delayed that causes iPhone 8 release delay too.

However, if we look the whole matter from other aspects, the rival like Samsung has just released Galaxy S8 and S8+ with some really good features and soon be releasing Galaxy Note 8 as well. The current iPhone model will be one year old by September and for some people one year old is too old that may give room to the rival to sell more units of Galaxy S8 and S8+.

Everyone in today’s time wants to get latest version of smartphone with good hardware specification and features. The delay may disappoint the customer who wants to upgrade to latest version if that happens.

But what with I’ve seen, I’m sure Apple wouldn’t let customers get disappointed !

Although the rumor are suggesting delay in iPhone 8 release but I still believe that iPhone 8 will be launched in September itself with features that analysts are talking about.

The 3D Sensor technology and OLED edge-to-edge display that might help with battery backup problems are some of the major attraction of iPhone 8. These features are creating great buzz among the customers and sense of curiosity that will surely going to reflect in iPhone 8 sales reports later.

iPhone 8 (iPhone X or iPhone 8 Edition) release date delayed to Oct/Nov?
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