iPhone 8 Plus: Price, Release date, specs, features and rumors

This year the things are not as predictable as it used to be till last year. According to the rumors, this year iPhone marks 10th anniversary and the company is going to do something unusual. While there are rumors about release of this year’s iPhone 8 (or iPhone X or iPhone Pro), iPhone 7S & iPhone 7S Plus, there is not much rumors about iPhone 8 Plus release date as yet.

iPhone 8 PlusThis year seems to be the year of these three iPhone -iPhone 8, iPhone 7S & iPhone 7S Plus and the iPhone 8 release date should be shifted to next year if the company wants to continue with the “PLUS” model like we saw previously released “Plus” versions. The “Plus” version always announced with other sibling such as iPhone 6 Plus was released along with iPhone 6 and similarly iPhone 7 Plus was announced along with iPhone 7 last year.

iPhone 8 Plus release date

If we follow general release cycle, Apple may release iPhone 8 Plus next year in September however, its too early to say anything about iPhone 8 Plus until next few months, atleast till the release of iPhone 8.

If the new iPhone is called iPhone X instead of iPhone 8, there are chances that we could see iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus releasing together in 2018. This release of two iPhone- iPhone 8 & 8 Plus releasing together in 2018 makes more sense.

However there are chances that company skips iPhone 8 Plus model and after releasing iPhone 8 this year along with iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S plus, it jumps straight to iPhone 9 in 2018 !

If we take look at the table of release of various models of iPhone here. We will see a confirmed release pattern for all new iPhone.

iPhone (since original iPhone) Release date (USA)
Original iPhone June, 2007
iPhone 3G July, 2008
iPhone 3G S June, 2009
iPhone 4 June, 2010
iPhone 4S September, 2011
iPhone 5 September, 2012
iPhone 5S/ 5C September, 2013
iPhone 6 & 6 Plus September, 2014
iPhone 6S & 6S Plus September, 2015
iPhone 7 & 7 Plus September, 2016
iPhone 8 (iPhone X) & 7S & 7S Plus September/October 2017
iPhone 8 Plus September/ October 2018

Look at the above pattern and it looks quite certain. Since iPhone 4S, the company been releasing ever new iPhone in the month of September. The other important thing to note here is the VERSIONS, iPhone 6 & iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6S & 6S Plus, iPhone 7 & 7 Plus.

iPhone 8 Plus specification and features

There is not much information available about iPhone 8 Plus specifications but according to TechRadar – biggest tech news site anticipating some really interesting features and good specifications. The iPhone 8 Plus could come in two different versions – with OLED & LCD display and the size could be increased further.

The other interesting feature Tech Radar talks about is the fold-able screen. If that is that case, the company seems to be getting ready to outcompete Samsung flagship foldable smartphone that is going to released soon. Samsung may named it as Galaxy X that will go a step ahead of curved display of Galaxy S7 & S8 edge.

Talking about the camera, there will be significant upgrade in megapixels and iPhone 8 Plus may get upto 18 megapixel dual-lens rear camera that will help you take clearer picture ever. The also seems to be featuring latest iOS 11, 4 GB RAM, 32 GB storage (and 128 & 256 GB), latest A11 chipset and quad-core processor clocking at 3.2 Ghz.

iPhone 8 Plus Price

This is too early to say the expected price of iPhone 8 Plus but considering the price of predecessor and the features that iPhone 8 Plus probably gets, any price between the price range of $900-$1100 would an ideal choice for 32 GB model in the United States.

iPhone 8 Plus: Price, Release date, specs, features and rumors
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