iPhone 8 release date, specs, price, rumors and features

iPhone 8 release date, Price, Specs, Feature and Rumors

The rumors about release date of iPhone 8 had started to float all over the internet well before its predecessors iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus were released in September last year. I could read rumors about iPhone 8  when iPhone 7 was till several months away from its release.

According to the latest rumors, the iPhone 8 release date may fall in September, 2017 with many interesting features such as all-glass body, curved edges, removal of HOME button and wire-free charging. On top of that there will significant up-gradation with the processing and camera.

iPhone 8 or iPhone 7S or All three models ?

Well, this is a debatable whether the company will call it iPhone 8 or iPhone 7S. If we go by the tradition that company follows, we will see there is always a “S” model after “Full number” iPhone. So its a turn for iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus, not the iPhone 8.

However, Apple flagship iPhone is going celebrate its 10th anniversary this year and analysts believe that the company may skip the “S” version and will straight jump to iPhone 8.

Moreover, pcadvisor finds there could be three different models this year as suggested by nekkei- a tech review site. According to this rumors Apple may unveil three models – regular one, the plus & the Pro with screen size of 4.8, 5.5 and 5.5 or larger for pro version.

The pro version was rumored at the time of release of iPhone 7 too but it couldn’t happened. It is being predicted that the pro version will have some additional features than its siblings. However, the rumors are only rumors that can turn up right or wrong.

iphone-8As said earlier, 2017 will mark the 10th anniversary of iPhone and the iPhone 8 is highly anticipated with massively upgraded processor, A11 chip, all new design, upgraded RAM, storage, camera and other features such as edge to edge OLED screen, IRIS scanner and removal of traditional HOME button and we will discuss all these features in great details in this article.

However, the latest rumors suggests that, 2017 will be year when three different models iPhone 8, iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus would be launched. While the “S” models are assumed to be the upgraded version of predecessors, iPhone 8 would get all new edge-to-edge design made up of glass just like 4S.

With three different models, the customer will have choice to chose the one which fits their pocket as well as the interest.

iPhone 8 release date

The below table indicates release date of various models of iPhone since the launch of original iPhone back in 2007. It shows the last 4 models of iPhone were released in September month of each year. If Apple follows the same pattern, we will have new iPhone (iPhone 8 and 8 Plus OR iPhone 7S & 7S plus) again in September 2017. Tech Radar – world most famous tech blog believes the iPhone 8 release date could be in September 2017 !

The September month is a great time for the company to announce new iPhone because of festive season. The sales figure of iPhone touches highest bar during the period of September – December. People spend huge money on different stuff on the occasion of Christmas and the New year.

Take a look at below table. The new iPhone release pattern is pretty much straight forward. Since iPhone 5 which was announced in odd month of September 2011 for the first time, the company followed same month release for all the successors. Using this table, we can easily figure out the new iPhone could be announced in September this year again but whether it will be iPhone 8 or the iPhone 7S is still not confirmed.

iPhone (since original iPhone) Release date (USA)
Original iPhone June, 2007
iPhone 3G July, 2008
iPhone 3G S June, 2009
iPhone 4 June, 2010
iPhone 4S September, 2011
iPhone 5 September, 2012
iPhone 5S/ 5C September, 2013
iPhone 6 & 6 Plus September, 2014
iPhone 6S & 6S Plus September, 2015
iPhone 7 & 7 Plus September, 2016
iPhone 8 September/October 2017

iPhone 8 Specification and Features

The iPhone 8 specification would be the strongest among all upcoming smartphone. According to the rumors below are expected specification and features that iPhone 8 come up with.

Although the techie is known for the innovations that they bring in every new device they launch, the rumors about features of new iPhone is bit more this time. iPhone is turning 10th this year and to mark this special event, we can see some really good new features such as wire-free charging, all-glass body, curved edges, dual camera etc.

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It will work with yet to be announced A 11 chip octo- core processor coupled with 3 GB RAM that will make new iPhone ultra fast.With this great specification, we expect NO lag even at performing several tasks at the same time. As far as the camera is concern, company likes to play with it.

One of the great feature that will solve low battery problem of your iPhone is wireless charging. The iPhone 8 seems t be getting wireless charging features according to the rumors surfacing on various tech blogs. With this feature, you will be able to charge your iPhone from a distance of 15 feet.

The charging could be done when you are still using your iPhone. Moreover the battery itself will be more powerful than ever before. The latest rumors at Forbes,the battery of iPhone 8 will be upgraded to 2,700 mAh power making it 30% more powerful than its predecessor iPhone 7.

This 2,700 mAh power Li-ion non removeable battery will keep your iPhone going for a longer period of time.

The latest iPhone 7 Plus has a completely new dual camera for better zoom and we are anticipating such innovation with iPhone 8 as well. The dual camera is expected in all the models going to be released this year and not just with PLUS model. It may have upgraded to 16 megapixel camera for better picture quality.

Display 5.8-inch OLED Edge-to-edge display
Processor 3.2 Ghz octo-core Processor
Chip-set A11 or A10x
Storage 32GB/64GB/256 GB
Battery 2,700 mAh, non-removeable
OS iOS 11
Other features: Wireless charging
No Home Button
Curved Edge
No lightning connector
USB-C port instead of Lightning connector
IP68 water resistance
Facial recognition to unlock iPhone
Fast Charging
5G network enabled
All Glass body


iPhone 8 concept

Take a look at the concept design of iPhone 8. It seems to be lacing HOME button giving more space on the screen. It will also make the camera and speaker built on the screen.

iPhone 8 expected Price-

Talking about the price tag of iPhone 8 (and iPhone 8 plus), it will vary from country to country and based on the storage capacity. Without contract, the 32 GB iPhone 8 in the US can be priced between $800-850 while in the UK, it can be available for less than 650 pound while the Plus version with available for additional 100 bucks !

Model Storage USA UK Australia
iPhone 8 32 GB $800-850 £650-750 AU$1150-1250
128 GB $850-950 £750-800 AU$1250-1350
256 GB $1000-1150 £800-850 AU$1350-1450

Update 1: iPhone 8 will be Ceramic made

The latest rumours on the iPhone 8 reveal that new iPhone (iPhone 8) will be made up ceramic compound which will be scratch resistant and will a premium look to the most anticipated device of the year 2017.

Update 2: Removal of Home Button, Curved edge,Wireless-charger

As suggested by express.co.uk there are few interesting features that the company is working on for its new iPhone which is scheduled for released in the month of September this year. The rumors suggest that new iPhone 8 (or iPhone 7S) will lack the tradition Home Button this time. The removal of Home button was rumored to be implemented with iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus but it couldn’t happen and what we saw both iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus came out with home button.

Apart from Home button, the rumors are circulating about new iPhone screen as well. The iPhone 8 might come up with OLED screen with curved edge. Among the other rumored features the company is said to be working with Company Energous on wireless charging technology which can fill the battery of new iPhone from 15 feet distance.

Update 3: iPhone 8 to get facial recogniton

The renowned tech blog TechInsider got an interesting news about new feature that iPhone 8 might come up with. According to this news, the iPhone 8 may get facial recognition feature powered by new laser sensor placed closer to front facing camera. This stunning device will without you actually touch it with gestures.

Update 4: – Apple to ditch lightening connector

The latest rumors suggests that Apple is going to ditch original lightening connector and use USB-C port instead. This will be a major change to upcoming iPhone 8. The use of USB-C port will offer great flexibility to the users and other benefits.

Update 5: (May 22, 2017) – Rumors further build up about Face recognition feature

The face detection feature would allow people to unlock their iPhone by recognising themselves as the owner of the iPhone. According to Forbes the iPhone will automatically get locked if it remains motionless and don’t see the users for a specific period of time. As noticed by Tech Insider the patent filed by Apple company suggests that iPhone will have face recognition technique for unlocking it.

iPhone 8 release date, specs, price, rumors and features
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