iPhone 9 Rumors: Release date, Price, Specs, Feature & everything else

This is surprising that iPhone 8 is due for release and people have started to discuss iPhone 9 release date, how much it will cost, what all specifications and features it will have. I was searching for the some stuff on the internet and found one of the best tech website MacWorld is discussing different features and the release date of iPhone 9.

According to this rumors, iPhone 9 release date should be between 2018-2020 as after iPhone 8 gets released this year in September, the next year could be the year of iPhone 8S or iPhone 8 Plus. If the company releases iPhone 8 in 2018, the iPhone 9 release date will shift to 2019, if not, we may iPhone 9 being announced in 2018 itself.

This year, the things are bit unpredictable as its happening for the first time that Apple is announcing three models of iPhone namely iPhone 8 (or iPhone X or iPhone 8 Edition), iPhone 7S & iPhone 7S Plus with same basic hardware configuration and features.

iPHone 9

iPhone 9 Specs & Features

While the iPhone 8 might get OLED edge-to-edge display and 3D sensors that will make this phone bit costlier, the rest two iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S still have LCD touch screen.

The release of iPhone 9 most probably be depending on next years model. As I said if we see iPhone 8S next years, the release of iPhone 9 will shit to 2019 unless the company decides not to announce any other model (such as iPhone 8 Plus or 8S Plus). The announcement may get further be delayed to 2020 if we see iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone 8S Plus in 2019.

In the last few years, we have seen major design changes in the iPhone. The iPhone 7 had dual-lens camera and new iPhone 8 is getting curved edge design. The iPhone 9 might get tweak with design yet again but what would be that change, we have long way to know that.

But I’m sure we will get to know about all such changes as soon as iPhone 8 comes out because the rumors starts to float all over internet months before the announcement of new iPhone.

Talking about the specification, its way to early to predict what all specifications and features iPhone 9 will sport but we know the company always launch new iPhone with latest configuration. iPhone 9 will definitely sport the last processor powered by Apple’s chip and the latest version of Apple operating system.

Based on different models might get released before iPhone 9, it can be predicted that iPhone 9 may have iOS 12 operating system and 6-8 GB RAM. Of course there will be tweaks with selfie as well rear camera as well since that’s on of the important aspect of iPhone ever since.

iPhone 9 price

As far as the pricing is concern, that’s again too early to predict the price however if we analyse the pricing strategies of previously released iPhone, $900-$1100 should be the ideal range that the company should sell it for. We have seen the rivals such as Samsung, OnePlus been making good smartphones and it puts bit of pressure on the company to price iPhone 9 considering all these factors.

iPhone 9 Rumors: Release date, Price, Specs, Feature & everything else
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