Top Five Reasons of buying iPhone 7

Top Five Reasons of buying iPhone 7
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Despite the fact that the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have just been out for a couple of months, you may be astounded by the amount of speculations going about the iPhone 7. Recently, Apple declared the promising launch of an alternate classy phone in the series of their most exceptional phones – the iPhone 7.

You definitely don’t need a reason to buy any of the Apple products, but in case you are skeptical whether you should buy the upcoming iPhone 7, here are the top reasons why you should get it. Also see iPhone 7 release date

Reason 1 – Screen Size – The 4.7 inches of the iPhone 6 has had all the earmarks of being the most loved among its customers. Likewise the iPhone 6 Plus with its 5.5-inch screen strikes numerous people owing to its huge screen. However, it appears to be improbable that Apple will abandon its other screen sizes and might stick to the 4.7 inches screen size as usual – A good fit for your pocket and comfortable to use with a single hand!

Reason 2 – Design

Apple generally keeps the same design for two eras of the iPhone, so the slimmer, lighter and rounder configuration of the iPhone 6 is relied upon to extend to the iPhone 7 as well. However, if Apple chooses to strive for another design for the iPhone 7, we really think it could be wider and broader than the iPhone 6, with what Apple calls “sidewall shows”. Also, the iPhone 7 could offer a 3D display. A few sources assert that one of the store network accomplices of Apple is dealing with an extend that identifies with “naked eye 3D screen” – a 3D screen that doesn’t oblige to use glasses. Also see iPhone 7 concept design

iphone 7 release date


Reason 3 – Sapphire Glass and Liquidmetal Chassis

Apple is now utilizing Sapphire in the display of the Apple Watch and it’s conceivable that the organization is currently prepared to import this material into its smartphone line-up as well. Sapphire glass is more solid than Gorilla Glass, so it could be a perfect match for the huge display.

Another rumor is that Liquidmetal might be considered as a material for suspension, since it’s stronger than aluminum, a smaller amount of this material can be utilized to accomplish the same level of quality as the metal thus utilized for Apple’s present IPhones. This would empower Apple to keep the bigger IPhone light and dainty, regardless of the bigger screen. It’s likewise conceivable that Apple will bring some different components of the innovation, that has thus been utilized in Apple Watch.

Reason 4 – Camera and Processor

Concerning the iPhone 7’s camera, the most recent reports recommend that it could offer a noteworthy change over the camera found in iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Actually, it could be an amazing camera bounce ever in the history of iPhones.

The processors are rumored to be made utilizing a 14-nanometer design. The new chips are relied upon to be tiny, more productive and obviously all the more compelling.

Reason 5 – New charger

Rumors about a new iPhone charger are also in news, recommending that the USB piece of the charger could be reversible, much the same as the Lightning connector is. Thus, the USB can be connected to the adapter both ways. Similarly the Lightning connector itself is reversible.

On the whole, we can just make such assumptions and predictions about the iPhone 7. Resultantly, everything is solely dependent on the launch and upcoming news about its features by Apple.

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